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We Just Launched! just launched!

Our website has a variety of sloth-tastic content. Such as a newsletter sign-up page, where you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be the first to know when Reckless Sloths launches on Kickstarter.

The website also has our contact info and detailed information about the game. I'm also planning some treasure hunts and hidden easter eggs based around the page. I will reveal more details on this shortly.

Most importantly, our webpage will include a blog packed full of information, behind-the-scenes looks, and updates on Reckless Sloths. I will also have a board game designing blog where I will post interviews with other creators, tips, how to's, top 10 lists and more.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for checking out my website. Feel free to send me any suggestions or thoughts on my website, the game, or life itself.

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