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Reckless Sloths - Weekly Progress Update (April 5th)

Last week was mainly focused on drawing and finishing up artwork for the cards. It's actually pretty insane how much we managed to finish in just a single week. So it was a good start to April.

Our artist finished drawing up 6 new item cards. Here's a few of them...



So far we have drawn most of the item cards, and we should finish them next week.

I drew up 10 cards digitally this week. Which must be a personal record! Among them were 4 new danger cards and 6 new item cards. Here's one of the cards that I completed...


I love how the colors came out in this one. It's definitely in my top 3 dangers so far!

The focus this week was on completing a lot of artwork, so there wasn't much else done. But we have a lot planned for next week.

Next week we will...

-Most likely finish the logo.

-Finish drawing the item cards.

-Playtest a lot.

-Put together an updated prototype.

We might...

-Look into hiring a graphic designer for the card frames, icons, fonts and overall set-up of the cards.

-Put up a Youtube channel for Reckless Sloths.

-Look into box cover art.

I'm looking forward to the next weekly update!

-What do you think of the new artwork?

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