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Reckless Sloths - Monthly Progress Update (May)

Everything went really well in May. Although we sometimes had limited time due to our (me and Amelia's) finals exams in college. We were able to use our time extremely well and everything is going very smoothly. Our Kickstarter is still on schedule to launch in August, and we will work as hard as we possibly can to stay on schedule!

Card Illustrations

This month our artist...

  • Drew 15 new cards!

  • Finished drawing almost half of all the sloth character!

  • Started working on the power cards.

*She has completed drawing 83/123 cards. So only 40 more left to go!

It seems like the artwork keeps getting better and better by the day. I at least have been extremely satisfied with the outcome of our latest artwork. I am very excited to show you some of it!

Sloth in a bottle

Scuba diving tea delivery sloth

This month I...

  • Finished drawing 12 cards digitally

  • Completed 4 danger cards and 8 item cards.

*I have so far finished 24/27 danger cards, and 31/42 item cards. (55/123 total cards)

I intend to finish more cards this month than I ever have. So by the next monthly summary the numbers will most likely have gone way up!

Here's two of the cards that I completed this month....

Abstract fishbowl

Completely surrounded by corn

This month we also...

  • Completed a 3rd version of a prototype for Reckless Sloths.

  • We worked on a print and play (it will be coming soon).

  • Put Reckless Sloths on Board game geek.

  • Started working on our trailer/ Kickstarter video a little bit.

  • Started talking to manufacturers.

  • Worked on some posters and phone wallpapers (we will be releasing them soon).

  • Started proofreading the rulesheet.

Next month we will...

  • Talk to more manufacturers.

  • Look more into graphic design for both the cards and the box.

  • Look deeper into manufacturing and shipping.

  • Start preparing the Kickstarter page.

  • Continue working on our trailer.

  • Work on our rulesheet.

  • Draw lots and lots of more artwork!

That's it for now! If you want to follow our progress more closely, then you are welcome to our Facebook group, where we post updates regularly.

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