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Reckless Sloths - Monthly Progress Update (March)

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

This will be the first monthly update on Reckless Sloths. In these posts I will go through all of the things that we got done this month, and talk about what I plan on doing next month.

This month has been one of the busiest ever for Reckless Sloths. We finished so many goals and began so many new exciting things.

I have also had a lot more time for designing the game this month, due to my college closing down for the semester. Although it is hard to get used to studying from home, I have managed to put together a pretty nice schedule. My day usually goes like this..

-Morning: Studying.

-Afternoon: Go over the Reckless Sloths social media.

-Evening: Draw the artwork for the cards on Illustrator.

Card Illustrations

Before I can tell you how illustrating the cards went this month, I need to explain to you the process of creating a Illustration for Reckless Sloths.

Step 1) Coming up with ideas - We (me and my girlfriend) spend hours coming up with ideas for the cards in the game. Some are better than other, and MANY ideas don't make it into the game.

Step 2) Rough sketches - Next step is to sketch up illustrations for the wacky card titles we came up with.

Step 3) Mom draws - Yup, the artist of Reckless Sloths is my mom! It may sound like the cheap way to do it, but she is the best artist I know. She has been drawing her whole life and is very talented. Although we of course considered other artists and didn't make any rash decisions. But as soon as I saw her first drawings for Reckless Sloths, I fell in love with the wacky art style and didn't think twice about hiring her as our artist. So every time I finish sketching up the idea for a card, I show it to mom and she draws it up.

Step 4) Finalizing - Then I trace the drawings on Illustrator and add shading, gradients, colors, depth and make sure that the artwork looks finished.

Step 5) Graphic design - The final step is to design the card frame. I haven't got this far yet with any of the cards. But it will come to that point very soon and I will probably hire a graphic designer to do this.

*I will make a post soon that covers the details of this process better.

Anyway, back to the progress summary...

This month my mom drew 16 cards. Which is the most for any month yet.

She already finished drawing all of the danger cards (There are 27 of them), so she is now working on another type of card called item cards. I will be making a post about item cards soon, but basically you use item cards to save the sloths from the dangers. Here are a few of the cards that she drew this month...




Honestly, these are one of my favorite cards so far, I can't wait to draw them up in illustrator.

Here are some of the cards I finished this month.



I have so far completed 11/27 danger cards and I am working on the 12th one. I can't wait to share it with you!

We also launched our website this month and we got really close to a final look for the logo. I am very happy with how it's looking and I can't wait for the end result!

Please let me know in the comments what you think of the new artwork!

-April will be a big month! I plan on revealing a lot more artwork, and creating a bunch of new content to share with you. I can't wait to post the next update for you guys!...

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