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Reckless Sloths - Monthly Progress Update (July)

Here we are at another monthly update! :) Despite having been on vacation for half of July, I still somehow managed to make this the most productive month yet! I got a bunch of artwork and graphic design done for the cards. I also started working on the box cover along with many other things.

The Kickstarter launch has been altered a bit. We will not be launching this August but rather this October.

The delay is because we realized that there was too much work left to do for the remainder of the month and our goal is to make the game as close to perfect as possible. However I am working harder than I ever have at the moment, and I plan to continue to do so and therefore have no doubts for any more delays.

Card Illustrations


This month our artist drew 14 new cards! She has completed 108/123 cards now. So only 15 more to go!

I am very happy with the drawings that we got this month. They are probably my favorite yet! Here's a few of them... Stop-U-Ray

Refresh the files

Dizzy sloth

Digital/finished drawings

I finished 16 cards this month. I completed the item cards and started making the sloth- and power cards. I have so far finished 79/123 cards. I will most likely be working on them right up until the launch. Here's some of my favorites from this month...

Scuba diving tea deliver sloth

Too slow!


This month we also...

  • Started on the box. I am currently talking to a graphic designer about designing it.

  • Did the icons for the item- and danger cards.

  • Started working on the card frames...

These are only some experiments. Next month we will have a more finished look on the card frames to show you guys :)

We also...

  • Planned out the structure of the rule-sheet.

  • Came up with ideas for new cards and replaced ideas that we didn't really like.

  • Found a manufacturer for the game.

  • Started working on the how-to-play video.

  • Started working on an expansion for the game.

  • Worked on the trailer/Kickstarter video.

  • Improved the artwork of some cards...

Next month we will...

  • Continue working on the box cover and card frames.

  • Start working on the back of the cards.

  • Start working on the Kickstarter page and calculate all expenses.

  • Continue working on the trailer, and how-to-play video.

  • Continue working on the rule-sheet.

  • Come up with ideas for expansions.

  • Decide on a launch date!

  • Finish Hand-drawing the cards.

That's all for this monthly update. You can follow our progress on our Facebook group, where we post updates regularly. See you next month!

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