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Reckless Sloths - Monthly Progress Update (April)

This month went by super fast! That's probably what happens when you're working on something you're passionate about.

We got a lot done in April. Lots of new artwork, and many new ideas for the future! Our August Kickstarter launch is getting closer and closer and everything is going great!!

Card Illustrations

*I recently made a post covering the process behind creating the illustrations for Reckless Sloths, if you haven't checked it out, you can do that here. *My artist finished drawing the item cards. there are 42 of them in total- She drew 7 of them

*She also started drawing the sloth cards. The sloths cards show which sloths you need to save from a specific danger. And you save those sloth characters and add them to your sanctuary.

*She drew 6 new sloth character this months.

*Here's some of the artwork that she drew.


This is the first sloth character that she drew.

Here are some of the cards that I completed this month. Like I said in the post that covers the process of creating the artwork, after my artist has finished drawing the illustrations by hand, I trace them up digitally and add finishing touches.

These two cards are among my personal favorites in the game. Although it is very hard for me to choose, I might end up picking all of them!

I have so far completed 20/27. Danger cards and I'm already working on more!

This month we also...

*Finished the Reckless Sloths logo.

*Started working on a print-and-play version of the game.

*And finally . . . our Instagram account (@reckless_sloths) reached a hundred followers this month, and our facebook group just got 200 members! Thank you everyone so much for your support. I literally couldn't do this without you!!

Next month we will...

*Most likely finish the artwork for the danger cards.

*Finish the first 'Sloth card' and reveal it.

*Look into graphic design for the cards.

We also plan on having some games, polls & contests on our facebook group in May, so it will be really exciting! :)

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