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How We Make Our Illustrations! - Enjoying a Cursed Pie

Have you ever wondered how we make the illustrations for our board games?

We'll take you through the process, step-by-step!

Step 1 - Very rough sketch

First, I sketch up the idea for the card. I'm not amazing at drawing... obviously, so I don't spend any time trying to perfect the sketch. I just want to get the idea across!

Step 2 - Finalized Sketch

Next, I hand the very very very rough sketch over to my mom (the artist) who actually knows how to draw well. She makes a finalized sketch!

Step 3 - Digital tracing

Then, I scan her sketch into my computer. I then trace every line of her sketch using a program called Adobe Illustrator.

Step 4 - Add color

In the next step, I need to add color. At this point the illustration is starting to better, however it is still very flat and boring.

Step 5 - Shading and lighting

Here is where all the magic happens. I add shading and lighting, which makes the illustration pop!

Step 6 - Finishing touches

The last step is to add all the details, such as the background, and other small things.

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