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How We Design the 'Reckless Sloths' Cards

In the last blog post [Reckless Sloths - Monthly Progress Update (March)] I loosely covered the design process of my cards from start to finish.

In this post I will dive deeper into that process and hopefully it will help you with designing your own game or give you a better understanding of how we make the cards.

This process might come across as a cheap and easy way to do it. But money and difficulty was not a factor when we decided on this design process. Everything simply came together perfectly and we LOVED the outcome.

Step 1) Coming up with ideas

I started coming up with ideas for wacky card titles last summer. I wrote down any crazy idea I could come up with, no matter how bizarre it was. I did it every single day, any time, anywhere. Today I have most of the ideas nailed down, but I still have a few left.

Step 2) Rough sketches

Then I go over my ideas and of course, some are better than others, and MANY ideas don't make it into the game. I usually sketch up about half of all the ideas that I come up with, the other half not being good enough to even sketch up.

I sketched the ideas onto pieces of paper that I cut out to the size of poker card.

I can be good at sketching, but for these illustrations the only thing that matters is a rough idea of what the card should look like.

Step 3) Drawing the cards

Like I mentioned in the monthly update, the artist of Reckless Sloths is my mom! She is a professional artist and has been drawing her whole life.

We planned on hiring an artist online, but as soon as I saw my moms first drawings for Reckless Sloths, I fell in love with the wacky art style and didn't think twice about hiring her as our artist.

So every time I finish sketching up the idea for a card, I show it to my mom, explain the idea behind it and she draws it up.

Step 4) Finalizing

After my mom has drawn the illustrations, I get the drawings from her and then I scan them. I then trace the drawings digitally and add shading, gradients, colors, depth and make sure that the artwork looks finished.

It is honestly one of the most fun things I do. After a long day of brainstorming ideas it is really nice to sit down by my computer and trace the cards while listening to a nice podcast. My favorite part has to be coloring them!

Step 5) Graphic design

The final step is to design the card frame. Which are things such as the font, symbols/icons on the card, the border, card background and the back of the card. I haven't got this far yet with any of the cards. But it will come to that point very soon and when the time comes I will hire a graphic designer to do this.

So there you have it! The design process for the Reckless Sloths cards.

-Comment below what your favorite part of the design process is.

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